How to Use Font Awesome for Blockquotes

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PageLines DMS’ default blockquote styling comes from typography.less.

Here’s some code to remove the somewhat awkward blockquote default styling, plus add some Font Awesome quotes before and after:

Font Awesome for Blockquotes

Other Blockquote Tips

  • Quickly add < blockquote > ______ </ blockquote > HTML tags in the wp-admin post Visual editor with the quote button:
    The WordPress Visual Editor blockquote button
  • In the wp-admin post editor, go to the Text editing view (not the Visual view) and wrap your quote author / byline with < cite > ______ </ cite > HTML tags to get the citation styling.
  • If using the Font Awesome LESS styling, feel free to change the color: and add a larger font-size: or even padding-left:90%; to right-align the icon(s).

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