Template for PageLines Developers’ Store Images

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Steps to create a perfectly simple PageLines Store Image:

  1. Download my provided Photoshop template.
  2. Follow my Font Awesome in Photoshop instructions (similar instructions for icon fonts found elsewhere)
  3. After you have your icon font’s font file installed, open this Photoshop template
  4. Change the color of the “Bg Color” fill layer.
  5. Select your Type Tool, then the icon, then paste your new icon.
  6. Change the text’s color to change the color of the icon.
  7. Make whatever other adjustments you want to make (e.g. rotate or resize the icon).
  8. File -> Save For Web -> PNG-24 -> 600w x 450h -> screenshot.png
  9. File -> Save For Web -> PNG-24 -> 300w x 225h -> thumb.png
  10. Image -> Canvas Size -> Change width to 900px
  11. File -> Save For Web -> PNG-24 -> 900w x 450h -> splash.png
  12. Save and close


  • Easy to change out background and icon colors
  • Starts at 600×450 and easy to change to 900×450
  • Guides already added at the center, 600, and 900
  • Icon already centered
  • Created with CS6; saved with “Maximize Compatibility”


PL Store Image Template
PL Store Image Template
PL Store Image Template v1.psd
101.6 KiB

Watch it in Action in Under 1 Minute

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