Which DMS Page Type and DMS Template is This?

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PageLines DMS allows fine-grained control over the post thumbnails, meta bar, and much more.

What may not be apparent is the scope of the changes you make. In fact, there are nearly a dozen “page type templates”. In other words, when you pick the Magazine Layout for your Posts (in the Content/PostLoop Section’s settings), it doesn’t carry over to the Tag, Search, Category, Author, and other loop displays / archives.

Assuming you have 1 custom post type (CPT), there are a dozen page templates available to (not required to) customize:

  • 404
  • CPT archive
  • Tag
  • Search
  • Category
  • Author
  • Other (e.g. Date) Archive
  • Blog / Posts
  • CPT single
  • Page
  • Post / Single
  • Other (I think just as a fail-safe, not present “in the wild” if I had to guess)

Applicable code can be found at dms/editor/editor.page.php.

While not complex, this page type hierarchy can take a bit of concentration and a few minutes to navigate to each of these page types so you can use the DMS Editor to customize the Content/PostLoop Section’s settings, for example.

Since I can’t know what your CPTs are, you’ll have to figure that one on your own, but check out these example URLs and hopefully they’ll help you get to where you want to go for your customizations:

  • 404: domain.com/404 or domain.com/abc123xyz (random URL)
  • CPT archive: domain.com/cptname/
  • Tag: domain.com/tag/colorful/
  • Search: domain.com/?s=best
  • Category: domain.com/category/how-to/
  • Author: domain.com/author/yourname/
  • Archive: domain.com/2013/
  • Blog / Posts: domain.com/
  • CPT single: domain.com/cptname/postname/
  • Page: domain.com/page-name/
  • Post / Single: domain.com/

My Preferred Metabar Customizations

Personally, I’m not too picky with the alignment settings, but I most often prefer to customize the metabar. The metabar settings (from the Content/PostLoop section) are shown below:

PageLines Post Loop Metabar CustomizationsFor Search and some other “page type templates” — especially for Search because it can return any post type — I change the metabar to only have .

If you don’t change the Search template to , it’ll display the default of By [ post_author_posts_link ] On [ post_date ] · [ post_comments ] [ post_edit ] (sans spaces, added so shortcodes wouldn’t render).

Often, CPT posts don’t want to display the author or the post date, and comments may be disabled.

Tell Me the DMS Page Type and DMS Template of the Current Page

If you have a WordPress theming background, it can help to think of the WordPress template hierarchy, which is similar to PageLines’ page template logic; however, the get_page_template() function doesn’t work in PageLines.

So here’s a plugin (or copy the code to your child theme’s functions.php) that shows the current PageLines DMS Page Type and Last Applied Template.

Plugin: PageLines DMS Tell Me Type Template
Plugin: PageLines DMS Tell Me Type Template
1.3 KiB

With the plugin installed and activated, it’ll display something like this:

Which DMS Page Type and Template Am I Using?

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  1. Erwan says:

    Very valuable tips/tricks/reflections.

    Your “Tell Me Type and Template” code should, at least, be added to the features of the new DMS Professional Tools plugin from PageLines, which at the time of writing only shows the last loaded template (i.e., not the page type).

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