Removing DMS 2’s Karma Counter

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DMS 2 included what PageLines calls Karma. It’s a way for site visitors to click on your icon of choice (the default is a star but you can set it to something else, like a heart) as a sort of thumbs up, plus one, whatever you want to call it.

I’m calling it the Karma Counter.

It’s cookie-based to help protect against someone clicking on it a bunch of times, but it only exists on your site. It doesn’t push out to any social networks and doesn’t provide any SEO benefit.

I think it is counter-productive.

Site visitors haven’t seen it before so they don’t know what it’ll do once they click it. Most posts likely have a zero starting count when they see it so it’s even less likely they’ll be the first to try clicking it.

Additionally, if I have a visitor who’d like to click in appreciation, I want that coveted click to benefit me. Social / sharing are important to SEO nowadays, and I want to get a Google +1 or Facebook Like or Twitter Tweet, not a WordPress theme’s own Karma click.

Finally, there aren’t any integrations like sorting by which posts have the most Karma, etc.

Without further ado, add this code to your child theme’s functions.php and style.less files to make DMS 2’s Karma Counter go away:

Remove the opening PHP tag, which is added only so the PHP gist has highlighting.

FYI: Some sections, like Flipper, have an option to remove Karma. In Flipper, the option is a checkbox called “Disable social button/count?”

Like using the Karma Counter?

If you like using the Karma Counter, maybe you didn’t know that it’s a shortcode. Put the [ pl_karma ] (without spaces) shortcode wherever you’d like to see more Karma clicks.

Want Social Things to Click?

Check out the “Social Media” section of DMS Docs – Shortcodes for some built-in social shortcodes like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Of course, there are also dozens of social sharing plugins at and elsewhere on the Internet.

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