Remove or Customize the DMS Editor’s Media Uploads Prefix

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Custom Filename Prefix for DMS Editor Uploads

You know how media uploaded via the DMS Editor prefixes the filename with ‘PageLines-‘?

Modify this code and add it to your child theme’s functions.php file to change the prefix to one you want:

Remove the opening PHP tag, which is added only so the gist has highlighting.

You could return:

  • An empty string so it uploads just like it would via wp-admin
  • Customized text
  • Your site’s name, description, etc. via the get_bloginfo function
  • Or anything else you want


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  1. […] There is now a way to either remove the prefix “Pagelines-” from uploaded photos, or to customize the prefix for image titles. It requires some fairly simple edits to the functions.php file. If you’re interested, check out PageLines’ instructions. […]

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