Drop Down Color not a NavBar option

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Want to override the PageLines DMS NavBar drop down colors? Yeah, it should be an option, but it’s not.

In fact, the color is hard-coded here: https://github.com/pagelines/DMS/blob/Dev/less/dropdowns.less#L88

If all you want to do is specify your own color, add this LESS CSS code to your child theme’s style.less file.

Note: overriding PageLines LESS variables does not work in the DMS Editor’s Custom Code area.

Overriding these 2 variables is way simpler than messing with all those CSS selectors, like suggested here and here (unless, of course, you want to do more than just change the colors).

See my LESS CSS Color Variables for further reference.

Just want a color picker for every single menu customization? Get Nick’s Crackbar Section, a tried and true section with bunches ‘o’ options.

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