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DMS is cool, but the PageLines community developers (like myself) have discovered that new versions aren’t really tested by the PageLines staff/developers prior to release.

This isn’t really different from how PageLines has operated in the past. Instead, their development and release activity is simply more transparent now that everything is open sourced on GitHub.

Although the PageLines team has acknowledged receipt of the message that we prefer things to be tested (or at least have a code freeze with advanced notice of what’s in the new release), let’s assume there aren’t any improvements to the way releases are managed and that we’ll have to fend for ourselves.

Use GitHub’s Tools to Your Advantage

Here’s how you can use GitHub’s tools to get notified of changes and compare versions.

Feed of Commits

A commit is a snapshot in time. Anytime code is “committed”, a new commit (like a revision) is stored. GitHub Commit FAQs.

Commits are very granular so you probably don’t want to subscribe to this, but here’s the Feed of Commits for PageLines DMS:

(manually browse commits at

Feed of Releases

Releases are tags prepped for end user consumption. Basically, “version updates”. GitHub Releases FAQs.

The Feed of Releases is likely what end users want to be notified of:

(manually browse releases at

Feed of Tags

All releases are tags, but not all tags are releases. Any commit, tree, blob, etc. can be “tagged”.

If you’re looking for that happy medium between overdosing on commit updates and just being one of the sheep with the release updates, then you’re probably wanting the tags updates:

(manually browse tags at

Consume Your Desired Feed(s)

Once you pick your desired feed(s), you can “consume” them in a variety of ways:

  • Place a feed reader widget on your WordPress site and enter the feed link.
  • Create an IFTTT Recipe (or Zapier Zap) to do something every time the feed is updated:
  • Or just put the feed in your feedreader if you wanna be like that.

Compare Releases

Once you’re aware there’s a new version (either via GitHub feed or WordPress Dashboard notifications), you can compare the code via GitHub.


Compare Release 1.0.3 to Release 1.0.2

DMS Update Notifications, DMS Changelog, Code Comparisons

Learn More about Git

If you want to understand the git terminology, check the FAQ links a couple paragraphs above or dive into the git reference book.

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