Flyp Section

Flyp Section

Flyp is a PageLines DMS section that lets you create flippable cards.

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  1. Drag into place
  2. Set the height of your cards
  3. Set each card’s width/columns (12 = single card spans entire width)
  4. Insert content for the front
  5. Insert content on the back


  • Lots of options: width, height, colors, borders, fonts, and more.
  • Works well with the Enhanced Options Editor plugin.
  • Shortcodes¬†work, but you shouldn’t use a Vimeo pl_video shortcode on the front of a card (Vimeo pl_video works well in all browsers on the back of a card).
  • Images get inline styling of max-height to constrain vertical overflow (since max-height doesn’t work quite the same as max-width, unfortunately). It ensures that content larger than the card doesn’t look bad.
  • Let me know if you encounter any issues or have any requests.
  • Note: Internet Explorer does not have the 3D “flipping” effect like other browsers do (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Instead, it has a “fade” effect as a fallback.