Restrict DMS Editor Access to Specified Administrators

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By default, the front-end DMS Editor is only accessible to Administrators. (If you have customized permissions, it’s technically users who have the edit_theme_options capability.)

However, you can restrict which Administrators can use the front-end DMS Editor by username and/or user ID in your wp-config.php file.

Here are 3 example uses (in reality, you’d only have 1 define of PL_EDITOR_LOCK, not more than one, like shown below):

Note: PL_EDITOR_LOCK can only whitelist among Administrator users.

If you add the username/ID of an Editor, Contributor, or Subscriber, they still will not be able to access the front-end DMS Editor (assuming the native WordPress user roles have not been modified to give them edit_theme_options capability, like via the User Role Editor plugin).

If you’d like to look further into the file that handles the PL_EDITOR_LOCK logic, check out the file at wp-content/themes/dms/dms/editor/editor.interface.php

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