3 Ways to Lock Down the DMS Editor

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The DMS editor is the revolutionary front-end editor — your website’s design control panel (or “management system” if you will).

By default, all users with edit_theme_options permissions will see and be able to use the DMS editor.

Option 1: Modify Each User’s WordPress Permissions

You can control each Editor’s (a type of WordPress user) edit_theme_options permissions, one-by-one, using a plugin like User Role Editor.

You can also grant edit_theme_options permissions to non-Editor users if desired.

Using a plugin like this is overkill unless you need its functionality for other purposes.

Option 2: Whitelist the Users that can use the DMS Editor

PageLines DMS comes with the ability to specify which users (who must also have edit_theme_options permissions) are allowed to use the DMS editor. Just edit your wp-config.php file:


If there are 10 users on a site with edit_theme_options permissions, only usernames admin and steve will even see the DMS editor. The other 8 users won’t see the DMS editor, just like non-editors.

You can also specify user IDs in addition to or instead of usernames:

define(‘PL_EDITOR_LOCK’,1); //user ID #1 — a single user ID without quotes
define(‘PL_EDITOR_LOCK’,’1′); //user ID #1 — one or more user IDs in quotes
define(‘PL_EDITOR_LOCK’,’7,admin,11′); //user ID #7, username admin, and user ID #11

Option 3: Disable the Account Panel and/or the Karma Panel

FYI: Option 3 information is outdated information

Here are 2 more wp-config.php tricks (that only work for Pro versions of PageLines DMS):

Disable the PageLines Account Panel (the “Your Account” tab) for all users:


Disable the PageLines Karma Panel (the “Get Karma” tab) for all users:


Disable just the Account Panel and-or just the Karma Panel

These two defines are helpful for website developers (like myself) turning over a PageLines DMS site to a client, specifically when the website developer’s PageLines account (license/activation key and displayed Karma) is being used.

(In the future, the “Setup PageLines Account” button will be hidden if DMS_DISABLE_ACCOUNT_PANEL is TRUE.)

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