Want to try out PageLines DMS 2? Go ahead: http://demo.pagelinestheme.com/login/

Quick and Easy

With our custom demo, you won’t need a username or password.

Just click the link above and you’ll be automatically logged in and ready to go.
Note: PageLines DMS requires a desktop Chrome browser.

Know that if you see other stuff changing, it may be because there are multiple people logged into the site, all as the same user.

If this is happening on specific parts of the site, you may want to try going to a less popular part of the demo site and playing around there.

However, there are some site-wide changes that may affect what you’re trying to test.

If it’s frustrating you, consider signing up for a full demo account (see the bottom of the PageLines.com site) where you’ll be the only user making changes (and doesn’t have other limitations).

Limited Access

You won’t be able to add or edit any new pages, posts, or media files on my demo site.

There is demo content available so you can play around with what’s already there.

Entire Site Resets Every 30 Minutes

The entire site resets every 30 minutes (at :00 and :30).

If you’re in the middle of changes at 10:29 AM, know that you’ll be reset at 10:30 AM.

Like It? Buy It

After trying the demo, why not buy it via my affiliate link? I sure would appreciate it!


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