Remove DMS Editor Toolbar Items (for DMS

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Starting with DMS v1.0.9.6, the embedded PageLines Shop panel has been removed in favor of simply linking to the Shop. The DMS Editor loads more quickly now that we’re not loading all of the store’s products every single time. Below is the new version of my PageLines DMS Toolbar Customizer plugin, updated for DMS I […]

Access or Remove the PageLines Custom Image Sizes

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PageLines adds 3 additional image sizes: Aspect Thumb: 900 x 600, hard cropped Basic Thumb: 400 x 400, hard cropped Landscape Thumb: 900 x 450, hard cropped This is an example of all the files that get created when a single image is uploaded: I have some issues with this implementation: These additional images are […]

Show Page Titles Globally in PageLines DMS

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UPDATE: Make it easy on yourself and get way more flexibility with my PageTitles Section for PageLines DMS. Frustrated that there’s no global option for displaying Page Titles in PageLines DMS? Me too. Add this code to your child theme’s functions.php: .gist table { margin-bottom: 0; } You can uncomment is_front_page() and/or uncomment is_page(54) if you have […]

Which DMS Page Type and DMS Template is This?

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PageLines DMS allows fine-grained control over the post thumbnails, meta bar, and much more. What may not be apparent is the scope of the changes you make. In fact, there are nearly a dozen “page type templates”. In other words, when you pick the Magazine Layout for your Posts (in the Content/PostLoop Section’s settings), it doesn’t […]

All About DMS’ Built-In Animations

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There are 7 CSS classes available throughout PageLines sections’ drop-downs (only available to upgraded versions of DMS): no-anim pla-fade pla-scale pla-from-left pla-from-right pla-from-bottom pla-from-top View the LESS CSS for each option There’s also pl-appear Another available CSS class that can be used manually is pl-appear. Don’t forget pl-animation When manually assigning animation CSS classes (i.e. not using a […]

PHP Check for PageLines Theme

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There are several ways to check if PageLines is the currently activated theme on a WordPress site. Below are several ways to check for several things. Use and abuse to suit your needs: .gist table { margin-bottom: 0; } The PageLines Developer Docs DMS Conditionals entry might also be of assistance.

DMS Update Notifications, DMS Changelog / Code Comparisons

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DMS is cool, but the PageLines community developers (like myself) have discovered that new versions aren’t really tested by the PageLines staff/developers prior to release. This isn’t really different from how PageLines has operated in the past. Instead, their development and release activity is simply more transparent now that everything is open sourced on GitHub. […]