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PageTitle v2.3 Adds CSS Classes

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I’ve updated the PageTitle Section to include special CSS classes for each bit of the automatically-generated titles and subtitles. Below are some images demonstrating all the classes from the PageTitle Section when on a Category Archive page. (Additional CSS classes may appear on other page types.)

Font Awesome 4 in DMS 2.0

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Font Awesome has been integrated into PageLines for a long time, but DMS 2 includes the updated Font Awesome 4. DMS implementation of Font Awesome is located in dms/dms/less/icons.less, which is what you’ll want to reference if you want to do some advanced styling. Don’t forget my handy Icon Font Shortcode plugin may help you. The results from the Font Awesome […]

PageLines DMS - Why Go Pro

Upgrading PageLines – What You Need to Know

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PageLines DMS is open sourced on GitHub. PageLines DMS has a free (i.e. “Lite” or “Basic”) version, with limited functionality. This is what everyone downloads and those that have an activation / upgrade key input it to unlock the additional features. However, since all the theme’s upgrades are in the same code base (i.e. free […]

An All New PageLines

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PageLines has been a success for years, since its first and second versions ranked as one of the most downloaded free themes on PageLines Framework (v2) was an evolution toward more modular, mobile-friendly, break-the-mold theming. Version 2.2 was the start of using the famous Twitter Bootstrap framework, which was very well received. Since then, […]