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PageLines has been a success for years, since its first and second versions ranked as one of the most downloaded free themes on

PageLines Framework (v2) was an evolution toward more modular, mobile-friendly, break-the-mold theming.

Version 2.2 was the start of using the famous Twitter Bootstrap framework, which was very well received.

Since then, PageLines has added its own enhancements — taking the good from Bootstrap and leaving the not-so-good.

And as of late July 2013, we now have PageLines DMS (v3).

DMS = Design Management System

The founder of PageLines, Andrew Powers, says DMS is so different from other WordPress themes that DMS should not be referred to as a WordPress theme. Instead, it’s a Design Management System.

PageLines DMS Tour Graph image

In truth, yes, it’s installed just like any other WP theme and supports child theming, but the point is made that DMS is a rapid designing system for building professional-looking websites.

The PageLines Shop provides access to dozens of free and paid extensions from third-party developers (like myself), and more are being released every week.

DMS Success

PageLines released DMS to the public via Github — yeah, open sourced it for all to see and easily reference. They were commended because Github’s tickets and git versioning will enable DMS to quickly benefit from community code contributions in an organized manner. Plus, every open sourced project makes the world a little bit better place.

The “PageLines App Store” really sets DMS up for long-term success, much like the Apple App Store. DMS is easy for developers to extend and the Store makes it easy to sell or give away products for other PageLine users. Plus, with each new extension, the PageLines community gets an additional piece of professional-quality code and/or design that’s easily implemented into their existing or future sites.

All in all, DMS had a hiccup of a launch day (if you heard about that) and has renewed PageLines’ already-stellar long-term outlook.


Watch the DMS Launch Videos

DMS Launch Promo


DMS Getting Started


DMS Walk-Through on the Live Site


This Site ( is Now All About DMS

As a result of DMS’ release, this site’s v2 content has been moved to for archival purposes. is now dedicated solely to DMS. (Yup, you’re looking at DMS right now!)

Please, have a look around.

Images from DMS Tour

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