Access or Remove the PageLines Custom Image Sizes

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PageLines adds 3 additional image sizes:

  • Aspect Thumb: 900 x 600, hard cropped
  • Basic Thumb: 400 x 400, hard cropped
  • Landscape Thumb: 900 x 450, hard cropped

This is an example of all the files that get created when a single image is uploaded:

PageLines DMS Image Sizes Created

I have some issues with this implementation:

  1. These additional images are created but not accessible via wp-admin (e.g. “Add Media” button on post editor screen).
  2. The Aspect Thumb isn’t in use anywhere. (It used to be used by the Flipper section.) Why create an additional file that never gets used?

The child theme functions.php snippet below will do 2 things:

  1. Tells WordPress not to create the Aspect Thumb file.
  2. Makes the Basic Thumb and Landscape Thumb files accessible via wp-admin (see screenshot below).

PageLines DMS Images in wp-admin post editor

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