Hi. I’m Cliff of TourKick.

In early 2012, I researched, tested, and hemmed-and-hawed for weeks trying to pick my ideal WordPress theme.

After doing so many different WordPress websites with so many different WordPress themes, I knew it would be best long-term to pick a client-and-developer-friendly theme framework (fancy word for “a theme that is meant to be used for multiple use cases”) that would allow me to go “narrow and deep” instead of “wide and shallow” in my WordPress theming.

I did plenty… of… research

After doing my due diligence, I chose PageLines (Framework/v2 at the time; now it’s DMS/v3) for several reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Unique drag-and-drop sections UI
  • Commitment to WordPress coding best practices
  • Smartly responsive layout
  • Overall attention to good design

It didn’t take long before I learned of many more features and found out some great how-to’s, thanks to the community.

However, there were too many options (and combinations of options) and code snippets to remember (yeah, the PL documentation was lacking). Plus I was #PageLinesProud and wanted a way to show off to my other tech friends (the #coolkids).

So, as a reference for myself and others, I created PageLinesTheme.com in May 2012 (with PageLines’ approval of the domain name).

It’s DMS Time

Now that DMS has launched (late July 2013), the Framework/v2 content has been moved to http://v2.pagelinestheme.com/ for archival purposes, and this site (http://www.pagelinestheme.com/) has started fresh for DMS/v3.

How this Works

As new topic ideas and time allow, I’ll continue updating PageLinesTheme.com with reference links, tutorials, tips, tricks, and news because it’s for my reference too.

If you like something, please bookmark and link to it.

If you dislike something, buy one of my PageLines Shop extensions to really stick it to me. ;-) lol

If you’d like to hire me or just need some quick help that you couldn’t get in the PageLines Forums (maybe an idea for my newest blog post or Shop extension), feel free to contact me.